Professor Dr. Waldemar Skomudek

Politechnika Opolska

Opole University of Technology

The manager of the Chair of the Project Management at the Division of the Engineering of Production and Logistics of Opole University of Technology.

A graduate of Opole University of Technology and Gliwice University of Technology. Professor Skomudek is also a graduate of post-graduate studies on accounting and finance – Opole University of Technology and Modern Financial Management   – WIFI Osterreich Institut Wien.

In the years of 2001-2008 performed managerial functions in energy companies such as the President of  the Electricity Supply Company Opole SA and the Vice-president of EnergiaPro SA. In the years 2008-2010 he was the Vice-president of the PSE Operator SA- the Polish Transmission System Operator. He participated in the creation of major energy capital groups: EnergiaPro KE SA and Tauron SA and the separation of the Distribution System Operator.

In his research work prof. Skomudek deals with the functioning of the energy markets, stability of the national electricity system, management of the energy companies in the competitive market and investment process in the energy sector.  

Prof. Skomudek is the author of 2 monographs, co-author of two books and author of over 100 scientific publications. He presented also the results of his works participating in numerous scientific events in Poland and abroad.

He is a member of the Advisory Group to the Minister of Economy for the system solutions of the power sector, an expert of the National Development and Research Centre and member of numerous research and professional associations.