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MS Consulting – is a highly specialized Polish consultancy offering servicers to the power industry  and related sectors. We perform trainings and advisory activity within the scope of legal, economic, technical and IT environment of the power sector, especially, within the scope of developments introduced by legislator and economic practice of the functioning of the EU power sector and recent developments in technologies connected with Polish and global trends. We cooperate with leading Polish and international institutions, universities, and internationals supplying the power sector (See „Our clients”). MS Consulting hires 24 leading university professors, actual and former managers from top energy companies in Poland, and experts from the administration, (See „Our experts”).

One of our main areas are trainings and advisory services within the scope of intelligent metering and the creation of smart grids, technical, economic, legal and regulatory aspects of the functioning of smart grids, the role of Transmission System Operators and Distribution System Operators with reference to smart grids, especially within the scope of IT solutions and investment challenges. We are also preparing now, together with our university, governmental and power sector partners a comprehensive report on the possibility regarding the introduction of electric and hybrid cars to Poland.  

We also deal with many other aspects of the functioning of the power sector – i.e. technical solutions, norms, the newest technologies and equipment. We are now concentrating our work on technical and economic aspects of investment activity regarding the creation of renewable energy sources, which is one of the priorities of the European and Polish power sector.

Our another priority is  legal and regulatory environment of the power sector, based on already existing legislation and also on forecasted changes, resulting from the trends of the European legislation and Polish legislative projects.

We are now looking for investors and equipment for renewable, small – scale sources and for investors interested in big-scale investment into the Polish power sector, reaching a few hundred-million dollar projects.

Taking above into consideration we can offer to our partners cooperation in the field of investment in;
-smart metering and smart grid,
-renewable energy sources,
-investment in new big-scale conventional generation capacities,
from the point of a decision – making process to the commissioning.

We are sure, that considering the fact that Poland is now the fastest - growing economy  of the European Union and the demand for energy investment reaches USD 70 billion over the next 15 years, this is a good place for investors to consider.

The President of the company is Dr. Marian Ślifierz, former advisor to the Polish Regulator, his representative in numerous European bodies, co-worker of OECD, ERRA, IEA, training regulatory staff from about 30 countries worldwide.

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